Candoness is a kingdom of the Terrene Plane.

History Edit

Candoness was terrorized for generations by the Time-Dragon Uldorak. Each time the Candonite crown was passed, Uldorak appeared and demanded tribute in gold and magic trinkets. The tyranny of Uldorak was finally lifted when the dragon-slayer Davion slew the beast on the coronation day of Tansis XIII.

Rulers Edit

  • Dowager Queen Tansis XII commissioned the dragon-slayer Davion to ambush Uldorak on her son's coronation day, when the dragon appeared to make its demands, taking advantage of the beast's complacency from generations of terrorizing Candoness unopposed.
  • King Tansis XIII ordered a new suit of armor forged for the Dragon Knight out of gratitude for his liberation of Candoness from Uldorak.[1]

Reference Edit

  1. Equipment Set, Uldorak's Hide.
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